June 6, 2011

then & now

If you can’t tell already, I love to re-purpose stuff. I always like taking something that has had a life before and give it a new one.  A couple of weeks ago, while killing some time on a Saturday morning in Middleburg before a wedding… I stumbled upon these old vintage grain sacks. I was drooling before I got to the counter to pay… And couldn’t wait to get them home and start snipping them into ditty bags.  


Before I go crazy though on ditty bags (don’t worry, they’ll be here soon enough!) I decided to use the pristine part of the sacks to recover some chairs for Stonegate Event Rentals {more on this boutique rental company coming soon!}. So hats off to my mom, who took this chair from looking like just any ol’ thing to something special. I think that grain sack may have come in handy…


                            {top photo by meredith mckee for just a little ditty…}