October 25, 2011

new beginnings

A few months ago Bridget Dalton sent me an email asking me if she could mail me her mom’s wedding dress to repurpose and make into ditty bags. When I opened the package from her, I found the most breathtaking wedding dress with incredible lace details on the sleeves and alongside the bottom hem. It was beautiful. I hung it in my office for a month before I could make myself cut into it… 

I knew it held memories of a long walk down an aisle, it witnessed lifelong promises to one another and it twirled and twirled the night away as the bride and groom celebrated their wedding alongside friends and family.

It was really hard to take that first snip… but once I did… I had so much fun mixing and matching the various fabrics and textures to make seven unique ditty bags for Bridget, her daughter, her sisters and nieces.

Now, instead of hanging in a closet, forgotten… the dress can live again in the lives of the children and grandchildren who were products of that wedding day.