April 6, 2013

loving winter

Winter gets a bad rep. And it’s obvious why. It’s cold (most places). It’s dreary (not in California!). The trees are bare and the only flowers you see are the ones you have to buy.

But winter also means the turning of a season. It means snow (usually!) and it means warm fires, hot apple cider and movie nights. It’s one of those seasons that I always grin and bear, but it seems to go as soon as it’s arrived. And it always makes spring look pretty darn good!

So, although it’s February, and still very wintery in Virginia, I wanted to share one of my favorite styled shoots… you guessed it…from winter!

Elisa B teamed up with Stonegate Event Rentals and Sugar Magnolias {among a lot of other talented people} to create this styled shoot. It makes winter look glamorous + sexy. Almost desired. And before too long — the grass will be greener, the air warmer and even the flowers will start to bud. For now - I’m loving these photos and the warmth from within them.

So cheers to winter, and all that it has to offer!