October 12, 2009


You know the saying, we all do: life is short.

For as long as I can remember I've said it over and over, "life is short".  Carpe diem.  Live today like it's your last. Maybe it will be. But most likely it isn't.  The glass is half full, right?

I'm not suggesting that we forget how precious life is, because it is. You and I both know it.

Plus, it's the mentality that life is short, that fuels so many of us to live for today and enjoy the little things that life has to offer. But what if we re-evalutated the "life is short" concept, and replaced it with "life is long"?

Our lives are just that, ours. They are what we make them. What we visualize for ourselves, and what we create for our futures. There are factors beyond our control, so don't worry about it. It's easy to say, hard to do. I know.  Focus on you, on what you have control of. My dad has always told me, that "you're in charge of your own happiness".  This is just to note that when I now look at the road ahead, I no longer focus on where it might end, but rather where it's going how amazing the views ahead will be.