September 30, 2009

all you need

Last weekend I met Georgiana & John: two people who have it all. By all, I mean, an immense love for each other and for Life. He just turned 97, she is 89. They’re 8 years apart-- but that is the only thing that separates them. They met walking down the aisle, she was the Maid of Honor, he was the Best Man. They’ve been married for 69 years…and counting. You can tell by watching them together, by listening to their stories that they are each perfect for the other. They love each other more and more with each moment, each day, each year. And the cool thing is, they don’t just love each other, they adore each other! It was incredible to witness, and I can’t help but hope that one day, that type of life and love will happen for me, for YOU.

Meredith, said it best when she said to me “My grandparents are the coolest people on the planet – both so amazing in their own right and as a couple.” It’s so cool, and so true. And I, lucky girl that I am, got to figure that out on my own.

When I left, Georgiana handed me a little blue handmade book titled Georgiana and John: A Love Story, “to read on the plane” she whispered as I hugged her goodbye. Flipping through the pages I found newspaper clippings and stories, about their lives and journey. And what a ride… In a letter about his wife, John summed it all up, “Of all of our trips, the greatest was traveling through life together”. You can only hope for that kind of happiness and adoration. It is as unique and endearing as Georgiana and John, and in the end, it really is, all you need.