June 20, 2012

itty bitty ditties

here is a sneak peak of my new projects! itty bitties… they’re great for business cards, credit cards, good ol’ fashioned dollar bills…jewelry, watches…anything little you need to tuck away for safe keeping!

stay tuned!!

June 6, 2012

the peppers!

When Lindsay reached out to see if we’d work with her on her April wedding… the answer, was of course, YES!

She’d created custom printed materials with blue and white seersucker print and wanted to carry it through the wedding. Lindsay even found the time to make seersucker pillows to throw on Stonegate’s lounge seating. Ben made Lindsay and Bradley a custom corn-hole set to have on their wedding day. I made bean-bags from, you guessed it, the blue and white seersucker  — and we had the UVA and Vanderbuilt logos painted on. The corn-hole set is now at home in Texas — a little reminder of their big day for years to come!

Congratulations to Lindsay and Bradley… Mr. and Mrs. Pepper! It was a blast working with you two. And if this slideshow is any sort of testament…it looks like your marriage is off to a wonderful start!

OH! And if you’re interested in more pictures…hop over to Patricia Lyon’s website for an amazing slideshow!

photos by patricia lyons