April 2, 2012

spring ditty bags!

I love vintage fabric… so when I stumbled upon a basket of vintage cloth a few weeks ago… I bought a bunch of it to make into ditty bags! Here are a few bags from the fabrics…more to come!

To shop these ditty bags, and other new ones… you can head to my etsy store (or click the “buy a bag” tab on the right)

April 2, 2012

style me pretty please

One of the things I love most about my job is meeting so many wonderful, creative people. McKinley was no exception. The girls at Easton Events showed her one of my ditty bags and suggested that she talk to me about making custom ditty bags for her and her bridesmaids. We hit it off like peas and carrots.

After talking to McKinley we decided to ask her bridesmaids for a piece of meaningful fabric — which I then incorporated into the inside of the bags. Each bag would be made from silvers, ivories and golds. Each girl was wearing a different bridesmaids dress (both in color and style) — so we wanted to make sure their bags were all different too.

 The girls sent all sorts of fabrics… one piece was an African print, another was a Austin City Limits t-shirt, another was a bridesmaids dress, and another a loved shirt from Anthropologie. So on her wedding day — McKinley gave them each a bag, custom made for them personally. 

Her wedding took place at Pippin Hill Farm, just outside of Charlottesville. Jen Farillo snapped these stunning photos (all except the first one), Easton Events created the stunning event, and Pat’s Florals was the team behind those stunning buds.

I am so thankful to be a part of such a beautiful celebration. But secretly, I’m MOST thankful, for a new friend in McKinley!

For more photos from the Style Me Pretty post, head here!