March 24, 2010

good energy

My friend Meredith  and I were out walking on a busy street this weekend. We walked by a woman wearing this shirt. She greeted us as we passed her on the sidewalk with a big smile and cheerful "hello". Those are the people you want walking around -- making your day. Such a simple, friendly message has the ability to create such positive energy. I'm proof. It's five days later and I'm still thinking about a stranger who I passed randomly on a city sidewalk.




(This is not a picture of the actual shirt she was wearing. That would have been slightly creepy if I then asked her to stop so I could snap a shot of her shirt...)

March 19, 2010

read me

I found this link in my inbox this morning... it's an interesting article and good food for thought. Take a second to read it -- and see if it's something you want to apply to yourself and your life, in some capacity.

Georgia Tech Players check phones at door

March 15, 2010

map it

it's true, we all are

March 4, 2010

get dirty

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March 4, 2010

little reminder

yesterday i was just having one of those days. you know... everything seems to go wrong, all at once.
this appeared on my phone, just in time... to remind me to stop sweating the little things.
they don't matter. at all.