September 30, 2009

all you need

Last weekend I met Georgiana & John: two people who have it all. By all, I mean, an immense love for each other and for Life. He just turned 97, she is 89. They’re 8 years apart-- but that is the only thing that separates them. They met walking down the aisle, she was the Maid of Honor, he was the Best Man. They’ve been married for 69 years…and counting. You can tell by watching them together, by listening to their stories that they are each perfect for the other. They love each other more and more with each moment, each day, each year. And the cool thing is, they don’t just love each other, they adore each other! It was incredible to witness, and I can’t help but hope that one day, that type of life and love will happen for me, for YOU.

Meredith, said it best when she said to me “My grandparents are the coolest people on the planet – both so amazing in their own right and as a couple.” It’s so cool, and so true. And I, lucky girl that I am, got to figure that out on my own.

When I left, Georgiana handed me a little blue handmade book titled Georgiana and John: A Love Story, “to read on the plane” she whispered as I hugged her goodbye. Flipping through the pages I found newspaper clippings and stories, about their lives and journey. And what a ride… In a letter about his wife, John summed it all up, “Of all of our trips, the greatest was traveling through life together”. You can only hope for that kind of happiness and adoration. It is as unique and endearing as Georgiana and John, and in the end, it really is, all you need.

September 25, 2009

happy friday

hello there.
how are you today?
hopefully you've realized already
today is going to be a good day.

here's a song to get you started...

September 23, 2009

in a word: amazing

Sarah Cramer is one of those people who you just want to be around. You'll meet her, and you'll think to yourself... can I join her orbit? I need (NEED) her as a friend. Luckily for me, it just worked itself out! I helped Sarah plan her wedding last April (I'm finally getting my act enough to put up these amazing shots by Jack Looney). We had the BEST time planning together and ever since, have been buddies. She's got amazing energy, she's interesting and also interested. Her attention to detail is awesome... and the best part is, when her wedding day came, she left it all up to her trusty vendors, let loose, and had the time of her life.

Last night we FINALLY caught up over a glass of wine (ok, truth be told, we started with a glass but ended up with a bottle and dinner...). Wedding season has been in full swing, and between the two of us (She's a bad-ass photographer, check out CRAMER PHOTO) we've been hard pressed to find a time to get together. It was worth the wait.... my abs hurt from laughing today, my cheeks from smiling. Its true. I didn't make that up.

Yesterday was a BIG day for Sarah and Cramer Photo... She opened up her very own office and studio on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville. She gave me the grand tour...and it is amazing. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Sarah is 26 years old, an extremely talented photographer, runs her own company (which, she obviously ROCKS) and now is the proud owner of an amazing downtown studio space. I'm in awe, I'm proud, and yes, I'm even a bit jealous! I can only imagine what's next Cramer!

September 22, 2009

live at bethel hollow

Saturday was incredible. I’m not talking about the weather, even though it certainly was, a gorgeous day. I’m talking about the people who came together in Covesville to raise money for a new community hospital, a new park, a new green space, and what we all hope will be a new tradition. John Pringle’s voice and masterful guitar work echoed over Bethel Hollow. Over conversations and laughter, over stories and ideas, over new introductions and reacquainted hugs. Thank you to all those who came out to support our Pringle for the Park concert. It was a day, a night, and an event to remember. And we have YOU to thank and a green space to look forward to!


September 14, 2009

look around… look ahead…

They are words that have echoed in my head. And for good reason.

Jay Lavender, Best Man extraordinaire, grabbed the mic, took one look around the packed ballroom, then opened his toast with

"You never know when you're going to meet your next best friend".

Truer words have never been spoken. So think about it. Let it sink in. And then remember Jay's quote. Because you've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. And you never really know what lies ahead. Today or tomorrow.

September 11, 2009

Pringle for the Park: Live at Bethel Hollow


Its one of my favorite places on Earth. And it's right in our backyard. Bethel Hollow. Pictured above...





To our Friends, our Colleagues, our Community,

We are excited to have the opportunity to present
Pringle for the Park: Live at Bethel Hollow.

As most of you know, in 2012 Martha Jefferson Hospital will open her new doors to new patients and fresh spaces at the Peter Jefferson Place. Included in the design are plans to create a five-acre green space with a connection to the Rivanna Trail, which will provide a welcoming retreat for not only the patients, their families, and the devoted MJH staff, but also for the Charlottesville community and its visitors. The money raised on the nineteenth will be used to assist in the creation, construction and enhancement of the park and trail, and will be dedicated in memory of Dr. Jim Knight.

In our effort to raise funds for the park and trail, we invite you to Pringle for the Park: Live at Bethel Hollow. September 19th, at 4:30 PM.
John Pringle is known for his poignant vocals and masterful guitar work. He has local roots but has been booked across the country playing in some of the most notable venues and is currently producing his second album. Enjoy with us delicious tastings from The Shebeen, quench your thirst with local brew from Starr Hill and award winning wine from King Family Vineyards. By simply participating in this festive evening, you will contribute to a cause that will cross generations and continue to impact patients, their families, and the Charlottesville community for years to come.

We are very proud to be fully sponsored by The Shebeen, King Family Vineyards, Festive Fare Rentals and Skyline Tent Company and Faulconer Construction as our sole financial sponsor. Because of our sponsors, your donation will be fully contributed to the new park at MJH.

To reserve your space, or to find out more about this event, please contact D. Morris at Minimum suggested donation is $100 ($75 is tax-deductible). Children’s tickets (for kids 15 and under) are also available. Minimum suggested donation is $25 ($10 per ticket is tax-deductible). Please include the names of attendees for our guest list.

Space is limited to 200 people, so please purchase your tickets today, and support a cause for tomorrow.

We hope to see you at Bethel Hollow!

Dickie Morris
Ben Morris
Kate Morris
Travis Wilburn